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Sunday, 27 May 2007
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If you would like to teach Misquoting Truth in your church or other organization, here are resources that you may find helpful ...

Audio presentation from TimothyPaulJones

Teaching session from TimothyPaulJones with music from 7thSeal (http://www.7thSealMinistries.com

Interviews with TimothyPaulJones and Bart Ehrman, hosted by Todd Wilken of Issues, Etc. (http://www.issuesetc.org)

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PowerPoint(r) presentations

Misquoting Truth complete slideshow 

Can the Text Be Trusted? complete slideshow

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Video clips 

TimothyPaulJones and other scholars discuss the historical reliability of the Gospels 

Bart Ehrman's appearance on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show

Bart Ehrman's appearance on Stephen Colbert's The Colbert Report


Portable Document Format(r) handouts

Press kit for Misquoting Truth and The Dawkins Delusion

Learners Guide for leading a small-group study 

PowerPoint(r) handout

Presentation handout in color

Presentation handout in grayscale

Gospels dates: These are laminated and used in presentations of the material to create a timeline, to demonstrate how far removed the "lost Gospels" are from the actual events

Who wrote it?: These are laminated and handed out to three persons in the audience---unknown to each other and separated as far as possible from one another---immediately before the presentation, along with a dry-erase marker. Each individual is asked to write on his or her sheet who spoke the quotation on the sheet. This is used during the presentation to demonstrate how unlikely it is that all the churches in the Roman Empire would have ascribed the same names to the same Gospels around the same time, unless a reliable oral tradition about each New Testament Gospel's origins had preceded that Gospel. (Of course, a few apocryphal Gospels had names falsely acribed to them to begin with, but they were written so late and were so far removed from eyewitnesses that this fact is not really relevant to the reliability of these Gospels.)

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Additional pictures to supplement your study

Page from Textus Receptus [see Misquoting Truth pages 21, 60]

Examples of scriptio continua from John 1:18 in Codex Washingtonianus and Codex Sinaiticus [see Misquoting Truth page 42]. Notice how the word monogenes is broken into two parts with no spaces. Notice also how the abbreviation for "God" (theta sigma) appears in Sinaiticus while the abbreviation for "Son" (upsilon sigma) appears in Washingtonianus.

Gospel According to John (first chapter) in Codex Washingtonianus, a primarily Byzantine text [see Misquoting Truth page 60]

Gospel According to John (first chapter) in Codex Bezae, a primarily Western text [see Misquoting Truth pages 44, 60]

Gospel According to John (first chapter) in Codex Sinaiticus, an Alexandrian text [see Misquoting Truth pages 45, 60]

Gospel According to John (first chapter) in Papyrus 66, an Alexandrian text [see Misquoting Truth page 45]

Papyrus 52, a fragment of John's Gospel from circa A.D. 100, found in Egypt, demonstrating that---by the beginning of the second century A.D.---the Gospels had spread far beyond their points of origin [see Misquoting Truth page 101]

Papyrus Fayyum 110, a letter that bears the date of the fourteenth year of Domitian (A.D. 94), which has the closest extant writing style to Papyrus 52, suggesting that the copy of John's Gospel represented by Papyrus 52 dates from the late first or early second century [see Misquoting Truth page 101]

Tax receipt from first century B.C. [see Misquoting Truth page 114]

Medical summary from first century B.C. [see Misquoting Truth page 116]

Fragments from Shepherd of Hermas [see Misquoting Truth page 125]

Papyrus fragment that may come from Gospel of Peter [see Misquoting Truth page 127]


Colorful pamphlets to supplement your study

Why Trust the Bible?

The Gospels: "Lost" and Found


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Tuesday, 21 July 2009 - 3:32 PM CDT

Name: "T Chaney"

Hello Mr. Jones,

I just downloaded your PPT files from the resource page only to get an error message on trying to open them. It says that the files are password protected. Is this correct? Where does one obtain the password(s)?

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