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1 January 2008
Would you like to invite Timothy to speak to your church or other organization?
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Are you interested in having Dr. Jones speak in your college, university, school, church, home-school group, or other organization? If so, follow these steps:

(1) Determine every possible detail about the projected event, including several possible dates. Necessary details include ...
(a) a video projection system with a computer running Windows PowerPoint(r) 2003 or later,
(b) adequate amplification and a wireless microphone system, headset preferred, and
(c) an openness to providing space for a book table from which Dr. Jones will sell books and for a table providing free information from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

(2) Be certain that you have budgeted adequately for the event. You will be expected to provide ...
(a) ... round-trip mileage reimbursement of 30 cents per mile for one vehicle (if the event is fewer than 300 miles from Louisville, Kentucky) or round-trip airline tickets for three persons (if the event is more than 300 miles from Louisville, Kentucky).
(b) ... meals for three persons on each day that a speaking engagement is scheduled.
(c) ... a hotel room for three persons for each night that Dr. Jones will stay at your location, and
(d) ... an honorarium. The amount of the honorarium is negotiable; please contact Dr. Jones for details.

(3) Send all information to rayann(a)

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