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15 October 2008
TimothyPaulJones responds to "heresy-hunter" criticism
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In a presentation at the 2007 Society of Biblical Literature meeting and in an entry on the Society of Biblical Literature website,

TimothyPaulJones has been called out for criticism--along with Ben Witherington III, Darrell Bock, Craig Evans, and J. Ed Komoszewski--as a "heresy hunter" and as an attacker of the "Christian Apocrypha," based on his works Misquoting Truth and Conspiracies and the Cross. It was declared in this presentation that "heresy hunters" write out of fear, seeking to "expose" the Christian Apocrypha.

A brief response: What the critic's Society of Biblical Literature presentation doesn't clearly recognize is that, yes, there is "exposure" going on--but what is being exposed is not some artificial distinction between orthodoxy and heresy that is noticeable only in retrospect. What is being exposed is the lack of historically-defensible continuity between the Christian Apocrypha and the historical Jesus. So shackled is this critic's presentation to Walter Bauer's failed hypothesis--a hypothesis that patristic scholar Walther Volker demonstrated to be faulty within a few years of its original publication in the 20th century--that notions of orthodoxy and heresy, apocrypha and eyewitness testimony, have no meaning, apart from retroactive fictions that identify who won and who lost the theological struggles of the church's early centuries. The problem with the Christian Apocrypha was and is that the origins of the claims found therein do not represent testimony from eyewitnesses of the life and ministry of Jesus.

The issue is being discussed at ...—-the-latest-sbl-forum/ 

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