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Christian History Made Easy


Ever want to learn a little more about the history of the Christian faith, but all the resources that you located were … well, let’s be honest … boring, dry, and totally irrelevant.


If so, Christian History Made Easy is the book for you. History comes alive as you read the stories of past sinners and saints in this fun-filled, fully-illustrated guide to the history of Christianity!


Since its release in 1999, tens of thousands of people have used this book in churches, home-school programs, high schools, colleges, and personal reading. (Click here for free resources to assist you as you teach the materials in Christian History Made Easy.) In 2004, the book was fully revised and updated with more pictures, updated websites, and new information.


J.I. Packer described the book in this way: “Here you have a beautifully simple, beginner-friendly retelling of Christian history, a precious heritage.”




“Makes understanding church history a joy, not a drudgery.”

The Book Peddler


“Short and highly accessible.”

—Top Ten Entry Points to Christian History, ChristianityToday.Com


“Quite good.”

Christian History



(NOTE: The two points at which the Christian History reviewer found difficulties in the 2000 review have been changed in the 2004 edition of Christian History Made Easy.)